Experience Ultimate Luxury with the European-style Tufted Rococo Bedroom Set

June 02, 2023
Experience-Ultimate-Luxury-with-the-European-style-Tufted-Rococo-Bedroom-Set Super Outlets
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Introducing the exquisite European-style Luxurious Tufted Rococo bedroom set


– a magnificent and sophisticated addition to elevate your sleeping space. Inspired by the ornate and intricate French Rococo style of the 18th century, this opulent 7-piece collection is designed to transform your room into a sumptuous sanctuary.

The centrepiece of this luxurious set is its beautifully crafted tufted upholstered bed featuring a high curved headboard and footboard. The indulgent deep brown frame showcases intricate carvings and mouldings that exude grandeur. Moreover, the plush fabric on the tufted headboard provides both comfort and elegance for unparalleled restorative slumber.

Complementing the lavish bed are matching bedside tables equipped with single or double drawers (depending on batch) as well as lower shelf storage for added convenience. A striking dresser complete with an elegantly framed bevelled mirror adds further charm to this stately ensemble. Each element in this resplendent range has been meticulously crafted from premium materials ensuring durability without sacrificing aesthetics.

Included in this superb set are:

  • 1. Bed Frame (head & base)
  • 2. Mattress (Latex top, 9 zoom pocket springs, back support & balance system)
  • 3. Bedside Tables × 2
  • 4. Dresser with Mirror
  • 5. Dressing Stool

All components arrive brand new in flat pack boxes made from MDF oak timber with PVC coverings for easy assembly.

The majestic appeal of this bedroom set is further enhanced by the use of white Nappa leather, a luxurious material renowned for its soft and supple texture. Crafted from the hides of sheep, goats or lambs, Nappa leather undergoes a meticulous production process including tanning with chromium or other chemicals followed by buffing and sanding to achieve an impeccably smooth finish. Widely employed in high-end products like handbags, shoes, clothing as well as car interiors and furniture upholstery – Nappa leather combines durability with easy maintenance making it an ideal choice for premium furnishings that last.

Immerse yourself in unparalleled style and comfort with our European-style Luxurious Tufted Rococo Bedroom Set – the perfect indulgence to create your very own haven of grandeur.

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